Sunday, September 23

yee ha!

cowboy hats like the boots
reference the 'west'
but really, in design terms -
they are timeless.

Friday, September 21

parnell street, rawene

i really like the confident use of colour
and the graphic contrast of the stripes
with the soft and fluffy of the hat.
the pendant is two dolphins forming a

Saturday, September 15

skull king

the rural bumper sticker -
used to ward off distracted oncoming traffic
or a conversation piece debating
metaphysics vs fatalism?

Monday, September 10

black is the night

Saturday night - Rawene Town Hall
Whirimako Black accompanied by guitarist Nigel Gavin.
An intimate, mesmerising, inspiring & soulful performance.

Sunglasses at night - sometimes make perfect sense.

Thursday, September 6

homage to sofia and cristina

to Sofia for blasting the cobwebs right out of
costume drama - a feminine/ist modern masterpiece
in Marie Antoinette.
to Cristina who is a modern day Marie Antoinette but
doesn't do champagne and more importantly doesn't
lose her head !
Cristina sent in the second picture from Sicily last night.

Sunday, September 2

spring thing

flower petals are the best colour swatches.
with their precise and intense tone
and their sublime shading
available for a limited time only.
both this kowhai and magnolia
confirming spring deliveries are on
schedule this year.