Saturday, May 31


overs are the shots that don't get chosen for the story.
doesn't mean they don't have something to say.
Outpost Rawene is going to be closed over winter,
we'll be working on our online store - and I'll be immersing
myself in fashion academia. keep you posted.
photo by Melania Newport Karaitiana.

Wednesday, May 28

girls on clay

Opening 3 of June at the ECWC.
European Ceramic Work Centre - an international
workplace where artists and designers explore the
technical and artistic possibilites of ceramics located
in 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands.

Thursday, May 22


Beautiful work by artist Daniel Blanshard.
Preview at Lane Gallery, Auckland on May 27 from 5:30 pm.
This piece measures 1189 MM and is made of handpolished
stainless steel etched in tar and lacquer.

Friday, May 16

Prime Time

Outpost's TV debut was on Close Up last nite.
Robyn and Dave put together a great story.
Good initial content is key ingredient - for sure
but the edit is................................... everything !!!

Friday, May 9

sky over rawene

a couple of weeks ago i found a note on my verandah -
signed Fi.
a friend i vaguely knew in London - was passing thru.
a few years had gone by since we'd last met - out on the
at South Bank.
Fi sent me this beautiful photo of the clouds rushing over

Tuesday, May 6

close up

The ebullient Robyn Janes and calm camera man Dave visited Outpost Hokianga in Rawene last week.
A grand finale to an incredible 07/08 summer season.
The afternoon filming will result in a tight 5 or 6 minute edit
which aprox 700,000 kiwis will see around mid May.
Although the Rawene Outpost is closed over winter -
the online Outpost is always open.
Did I mention the website??

Friday, May 2

stack it

before i say goodbye to this year's Salone -
inspiring from afar - here is the work of Dutch man
Maarten Baas.