Thursday, August 30


its not just about what you wear or even how you wear it -
its who you are that makes the style statement.

fashion revenues are currently revving with bags and sunglasses
but its actually hats that you want to be wearing.

Wednesday, August 22

on the wall

The House Lei is by artist Christine Butler and is made from used plastic shopping bags. In Pacific Island homes Leis are hung around photos of family and friends.

The ornate plaster wall columns decorate the courtyard of Frans's house in Marocco. Against the uneven blue surface they float like clouds.

Friday, August 17

a lite change

the same view - out the backdoor of the Outpost - five minutes apart.
always an inspiring end to the working day.

Wednesday, August 15

gumboot weather

I 'll admit I'm partial to coloured and decorated gumboots. Why not pink ? They have taken their time , as an item, to be 'designerated'.

It was in fact only this summer that stylish Glastonbury attendees got their gummies in sync with the rest of their look.

Here we have a pair of true blue Hokianga working gummies which were left outside the Rawene Four Square.

The fact that gumboots have entered the fashion realm was not lost on this pair's owner who exclaimed gleefully 'these are not Ponsonby boots' !

Indeed they are not - the mud and grit is definitely local and the built in ridges are a functional design detail for what ? I will have to find out.

They are almost certainly steel capped.

Tuesday, August 14

In fashion, one day you're in & the next day you're out!

Or one day - you're out...there.
Which is precisely where we are - except of course, over time, there becomes here.
Everything is relative and so are terms like being 'in' and being 'out'.

This is a shot of out there /out here that I love.

My sister picked up this hat for the Outpost from Bolivia
The bindi is glitter and glamour without resorting to lipstick.
The kefiyeh was in until recently,but , I believe from recent reports is now out.
The military cotton jacket has been decorated with pingao brooches made by Kate Harbutt.
Pingao is a native grass that grows on the sand dunes here.