Friday, February 29

out postin'

i've been noticing lately that in the fashion/retail/status label world
you're noone unless you're opening a new store referred to as an 'outpost'-
usually somewhere like downtown Tokyo or Dallas.

but is there any connection to blogs?
is there a new semantic meaning for a word, that until recently, we understood
to mean ' a small military base in a remote location or country' or
'a settlement in an unfamiliar territory or frontier' ?
a word which now instead describes the hurling of thoughts 'out' there on a 'post' ?

are we experiencing the relationship and activities between self and the net
as individual virtual outposts of the the cyber galaxy ?

whatever is going on - its nice to make a new friend - as we did upon stumbling
across an 'outpost' blog started up just this week by Auckland Art Gallery staff.

welcome to a world of outposts - may the force be with us !

out there on leap year

a few images from a recent turn around
- still life - Shady Places by Barbara Strathdee, woven gourd,vintage eighties b/w belt.
- the Milano tie skirt looks like its going to have a life in Wellington
- and there have been requests from v. cool stores in Wellington
and Raglan to stock our wonder wahine belts.

Monday, February 25

before and after

I found the photo above of Helena and Peter -
taken in Monterosso in the summer of 2005.
Below the mystery bump is revealed - little Milan
on his first trip out to NZ.

Tuesday, February 19

bambi & bottle

This Salone preview was in my mail this morning from
Cappellini .
To see them in 3d - wait until April and then head to Milan.
The first one is
mini bottle by Barber & Osgerby -
its made of baked clay and hollow inside.
The writing desk is called
Bambi Nendo and is made from a laser cut
metal sheet. Foldable, portable etc.
Would be great for our Outpost market days -
There was a marble bottle table by the same designers out last year.

Broadwood Agricultural and Pastoral show

This annual show is a great local event.
Wood chopping, sheep shearing and garden
delites just part of the heady mix which draws
crowds from afar.
The cups of tea and cucumber sandwiches aren't half bad either.
Pics by Helena Sustrova

Saturday, February 16

splore da splore

Helena Sustrova went to Splore - and came back
with these bucolic, idyllic & nocturnal shots.
( i held fort at the Outpost in case any one was wondering)

Friday, February 15

far out and freaky

no pictures on this post - but i just have to share this -
whilst i was out the back of the outpost
tapping in my 'waiting' post - someone, who ?
left a photocopy of aforementioned article on
the shop counter.
as if this wasn't bizarre enough - when i went
to open my postbox on the way home -
there was the original article that i'd been waiting for.
some say coincidence....
Helena has just come back from Splore - and we'll
be posting up some of the great pics she took later today.

Thursday, February 14


I'm still waiting for the snail mail, hard copy
of the blessed FT article. Sent from Londin
over 3 weeks ago.
'have faith'. i know.
Luckily i rcvd an email this morning from the
photographer, Peter Hunt, offering to show his
NZ trip pictures here at the Outpost.
Beautiful idea!
Above, in our garden, is the shot he took of
Genevieve King, who generously conceded to be
the Outpost model, at v. short notice.
She's a natural.

Sunday, February 10

colour burst

I'm tidying up my studio today - and found these
images on a cd.
The top one is a handbag amulet idea for Liberty of London -
It was a rush job and had to uploaded on to the site and then
fed- exed to Hong Kong.
Instead , the two young ladies were taking part in Auckland's
Diwali festival,
and the painted weaving was a work I saw at a Toi Iho
presentation and party down by the Viaduct.

Friday, February 8

waka wonderful world

waka is a world which is intensely pacific
watch them when you can.

Thursday, February 7

T - nation

I finally made it to Waitangi.
Hikoi, hip hop and hangi.
History is making a come back -
as is wearing your thoughts.

Tuesday, February 5

all this Jazz

This is Jazz - she's gorgeous!
She was on the same ferry as I was -
and when we got off the other side - I asked
her to model this tank that had just come in.