Saturday, October 31

boyz in da hood

on a return trip rawene - the narrows

a compliment

it's always nice to recieve a compliment  as this blog did yesterday from the girls at seed gallery.
its nice to be appreciated.

Friday, October 30

gumboots red stripe

                                                     sometimes things done in haste look pretty cool.

Sunday, October 25

perche' parquet?

Although parquet is a European and not Antipodean thing ( we do floorboards) I have  wondered  why, when I was in Milan,  the  aspirational dream  apartment was the one with the ( often  v. creaky)   parquet floor. With this 'wall to wall' parquet flooring installation by Shay Alkalay and Yael Mer for Established and Sons, the answer, i think, is obvious.


Friday, October 23

antipodean lei

                    Christine Butler juggling a couple of glitter balls at the Outpost.Note the fluoro plastic tote-
                   its inflatable and can become a cushion  or life saver.
                   Detail of Antipodean Lei made by Butler  utilising shopping bags and crochet.

Sunday, October 18

in the mood

Hvittrask, Finland  the former home and studio of architect Eero Saarinen
photos by Ross T Smith -

Saturday, October 17

about riffs and transitions.....

         All welcome to Barbara's gallery floor talk next Saturday 24th of October at 2pm.
         5 Parnell Street, Rawene, Hokianga Harbour, Northland, New Zealand


riffs & transitions

Saturday, October 3

fashion classic

as another round of fashion weeks comes soon to a close in Paris - with liquid gold lame' and couture rips
becoming the next collective fantasy - on K'road it is humbing to see some street fashion classics - the
expressive imagination constrained by a budget. 'Fluoro-essence' in a mysterious space which looked like
nothing was for sale and that tomboy meets punk classic wearing hi-tops.


I have just realised how long it has been inbetween posts.
My head has been in two other places - pics to follow.

art web

a work made by sometimes Outposter Ramona Cording
currently art-iculating at Elam Auckland.