Wednesday, February 10


The Outpost slip dress is a design that seems to have transcended fashion.
I love it - simple design + beautiful fabric.  No two dresses are the same.

Monday, February 8

Take the plunge

In Italy, this is an area in womenswear  design that requires utmost attention and dedication for this is the  jewellery display cabinet.
The  neckline of dress becomes a  frame focusing attention on this most feminine of areas.

 Its called the decolte'  or scollo and the challenge each season is to come up with the 'new' one.

These are this summers' Outpost plungers.

Saturday, February 6

foot traffic

Of course the reason we get hectic at this time of year is simple....foot traffic!

Thursday, February 4


Our good mate Pete turned up on our lawn with this beauty of a caravan.....that same weekend I went down to visit Tane Mahuta and noticed this forest-souvenir caravan.

Tuesday, February 2

its a wrap!

Thank god there are still women who can just walk into a store wrapped up in a batik sarong.......