Saturday, February 28

tee shirts, tatu & jandal

sometimes its just about seeing
the same thing in a different place.

Saturday, February 14


don't you wish you did twelve like this ?
you would have to have been born in 1997...

Monday, February 9


Real old skool fashion sketches done by Anne
at Art School
in a swinging London.

Anne was telling me that she went on to work at the BBC
as costume designer on Top of the Pops.
Heady times with inner leg measurements and dance troupe
outfits to co-ordinate -
Lulu, Cliff Richards and Pete Townsend
amongst the many singers and musicians to be dressed by Anne.

Saturday, February 7

T- Time

if you haven't seen the 'beached as' clip yet > click here and enjoy!

A selection of tees from this summer.

Stacey in waiting

Stacey has been working at the Outpost for a wee while now.
She's a natural Outposter and Rawenian too boot.
Professional, totally unflappable and very stylish.
Who else do you know that looks like this in extreme heat
and is a third of the way to being a mother ?

Introducing Gina

I haven't had a dog since I was a child.
I'd been contemplating getting one and got stuck on the breed
- a slinky afghan, a gorgeous retriever or the ubiquitous
golden lab ?

On Christmas Eve Gina turned up at our home.
A Huntaway crossed with Alsatian.
Gina was brought by a friend who'd found her abandoned by
a car wreck (of course).

Gina, like myself and many other inhabitants of the Hokianga
comes from a previous and quite different working life.
The transition from farm dog to fashion hound has been a
lifestyle inspiration as Gina intends to use her innate skills
to sniff out great and glorious tit bits for Saturday mornings
at the garage sale shop out the back of the Outpost.

Her farming background means that she is keen to stock useful
things like nails and bits of wire and the odd plank of wood as well
as fanciful crockery and flowery frocks.

Here Gina is wearing a purple nylon and neoprene collar and
lead. She tells me this will be for sale in early 2010.

'Gina's Garage' opening soon from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm