Friday, March 28

suite as....

'an exhibition of furnishings that looks to the hybrid nature of contemporary art and design. Through careful use and re-use of materials and objects a domestic environment is transformed into rooms inhabited by characters both real and imaginary.'
by artist duo Bishop & Bagnall
showing 29 March - 30 April 2008
at Suite - 69 Owen Street, Newtown, Wellington.

Thursday, March 27

still life n.2

happy hatter

its great when one of our bucket hats finds a good home

Monday, March 17

marie claire maison april 2008 issue

The magazine arrived today - hot off the Paris press -
Great story on the Hokianga by Jean Pascal Billaud
and gorgeous portraits by Eric Flogny.
Dallon August opened his art studio in the old ferry house
this summer.
For some bizarre reason I was wearing black and not smiling
and Rob Pinkney, our resident cowboy, had literally just got back from
a long stint in Japan.

It reads tres sexy in French!
The best bit though, was meeting up with JP and Eric back in December.
As I recall they rode it out in exceptionally stormy weather.

Saturday, March 15

i might be at miti miti

A meteorologically precise and perfect morning.
If it wasn't a shop day - I might be hanging
out with these dudes at Miti Miti beach.
Image by Hokianga photographer Marg Morrow.

Friday, March 14

Post Design is Crossing

"Intersections, interferences, contaminations between art and design, between ordinary and extraordinary" are the story for the group show at Post Design.
Its the ongoing conundrum of interest in contemporary design -
Markus Benesch and Tobias Rehberger come up with interesting outcomes.
Brings to mind a great saying printed on some of the Paris House wallets we have in store:
"art will save the world right after rock and roll"
cocktail is at 7pm on the 16th of April at Post Design in Via Moscova 27, Milan

Thursday, March 13

style exile

in an email from Paris this morning i got
called a stylish exile - from someone who would
know. ( i once featured as one of his seven elegant women
of Milan )
so here are my baubles and gumboots look.
The baubles are vintage and beaded up by
Thomas Roberts, Milan and the gumboots are
Skellerup at RD1.

Saturday, March 8

rock on !

these rockin' rockers by Ron Arad are on show at Post Design
in Via della Moscova 27 , Milan until the end of the month.

Thursday, March 6

momota's menagerie

Momota's work has been described as both
dreamy and eerie - ' having a Chagall like quality to it.'
I love when I get the opportunity to see art work in
the artists' studio.
It's the perfect 'behind-the-scenes' - giving me a sense
of their bigger picture.

Wednesday, March 5

elegance is timeless

i've always loved ponchos and kaftans -
perfect wet and hot weather gear.

stranded in style


Louise does 'stranded on a desert island'
in a red waistcoat and turquoise slip.