Tuesday, April 28

wunderkammer in the straf

Chair and low table on display at Straf Hotel
in Milan. The hotel is designed by Vincenzo de Cotiis
who for some time now has been forging an original
aesthetic - I saw his work for the Salone in 2004 and it
just STOOD out from the crowd.....in a quiet yet solid
way. The pieces on display here are by Wunderkammer -
so it looks like a school of design thought is evolving....

Friday, April 17

Post Design & Alter Modern

This is one of the consistently coolest Salone places.
If you want to know why - email me or just turn up
at the opening.

Lamiere Crude translates as Raw Metal Sheets.
(Not the ones you sleep in!)

Meanwhile the show AlterModern on at Tate Britain is
closing on the 26th of this month. I'm converted &
convinced as it seems to me to be a true account of the facts
as I've experienced them to date.

My question might seem trite but I wonder when we will
see traces of Alter Design bubbling to the surface ?

Monday, April 13

a happy customer

Saturday, April 11

great eggsamples

What ever you are doing and where ever you
may be - here's to wishing you a good one tomorrow.

Thursday, April 9

House & Garden

In terms of indoor-outdoor flow - this one
has it - unselfconciously.

Tuesday, April 7

Fabulous Frugality II

This is Dallon August's pick up parked in downtown
Rawene - why upgrade
by trading in and paying up
when you can upgrade by making a work of art ?

Thursday, April 2

April Fools

Yesterday was April Fools Day but noone was laughing in the City of London.
Huge angry crowds engaged in battle with the police outside that mother of institutions : the Bank of England. Blood spilled on both sides. Computers were being thrown (not stolen) into big glass windows. Bankers represented as death and the devil. Democracy is an illusion.

Is this now the bottom line ?