Sunday, November 22

more from our man in Finland

  our man in Finland enjoys the cold - he's heading out to the Hokianga where things are warming up.

Saturday, November 14

kete / kemp house / keri keri

Some of this country's finest kete are on show until the 29th of November at the historic Kemp House
in  Keri Keri. I have been privileged to see them up close and personal and it is only as I have begun
to delve into the story of their making ( for a piece that I am writing) that I realise just what goes into
their making: harvesting the fibres, processing them, weaving them  with patterns of meanings and history.
In an industrial age where everything is made in multiples - it is humbling to see these one off pieces stand their ground.
Photos by Robert Ueberfeldt.

Sunday, November 8


Ever since some designer ( probably McQueen) lifted the skull motif from the goths in the nineties - this  stark emblem of death has remained in the fashion scene.

You'd have to literally walk over my dead body before you'll see me in one ( I must have lived in Italy too long...non si scherza!)  but I thought this lady made the theme look sporty and cheery. 

Can you imagine?


Friday, November 6

out postin'

Preparing parcels and and letters to send off this morning I wanted to  visualise their destination.
Topographic patterns reveal the difference between hi and lo density areas.
I wonder what earth's overall percentage is -
From top -Westmere, Auckland

 followed by :
North London

Outpost Hokianga, Rawene

Asti, Italy

Salamanca, Madrid.


Wednesday, November 4

gallery floor talk

a really good talk given by the artist Barbara Strathdee-
attendees -    Mrs Gillian McGrath, Mrs AnneMarie Booth and Amaru, Mr Chris Booth (right),
Mr Alistair K Lambie munching into a deluxe asparagus roll.