Saturday, March 28

Fabulous Frugality I

The April edition of an international fashion magazine
embraces where we're at by offering 40 tips on fabulous
Residents of the Hokianga having been in the groove
for some time - proving that necessity is always the
mother of invention.
the microwave as letterbox is a rural kiwi icon but its
the added touch of the washing machine as outdoor
cubbyhole which gives this Pawarenga inbox its panache.

Thursday, March 19

wild and friendly

Somewhere over the rainbow there is a magic jungle -
all the animals are friends, flower lovers and they never
dream of
eating each other - who would they play with?
the skies are always blue and the water
tastes sweet.
Wear a pair of Outpost magic gumboots and they will
take you right there.

Saturday, March 14

Mrs McGrath & the Hat from Amsterdam

In all the time I have been in Rawene I have never seen
Mrs McGrath wearing the same outfit twice. There is only
one other woman I have known to also have achieved such a
feat and she can be spotted on the front rows of the recent
Paris shows.
Whereas, here in Rawene, Mrs McGrath confessed she has
three wardrobes and couldn't downsize if she was paid to.

This felt hat was bought in 1989 in Amsterdam.

Saturday, March 7

pacific 1

Marlon Brando Fale at Aggie Greys, Apia, Samoa
Sept. 08

more lite

Asimmetrica table lamp design (as below) by : Studio Vinaccia

Friday, March 6

liten up !

This light came in from Milan this morning. Its called
'mad' and is made of ceramic with concealed inner leds.