Saturday, January 30


Sometimes people come into your space  for a reason........

Thursday, January 28

pacific strum

Two  of my  all time fave Hokianga artists have 'done-a-ukelele' -  
as part of the 30/30 ukelele show being held in March at Village Arts, Kohukohu.
Top - Christine Butler
Below - Allan Gale

Saturday, January 16

le petit pois

 Here is Annie Peach back a few days later - wearing a pair of sunnies she found on the counter. We must have ordered them in with her and this outfit in mind.....

Monday, January 11


 We  do  get some of  true gasp! moments at the Outpost   - like when Celia walked in the door the other day.

This gorgeous girl is  a designer's muse, fashion editors' dream and photographers' inspiration all rolled into one. Celia couldn't fathom    what all the gasping was about - which to my mind  just confirms that  indeed she is the real thing.  Watch this space.........


Sunday, January 10

spot on!

 Gina's Garage has been a run away success in the short time that it's been open.
 Every Saturday morning from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm   Gina the  farm dog becomes  fashion hound offering
 those garage sale bargains know you want to take home...
 Uncannily on the morning that these photos were taken two  dotty outfits appeared in downtown Rawene.
 They didn't bump into eachother. 

Tuesday, January 5

T nation 2010

Our  third annual t-nation series  at The Out!Post blog.
The tee shirt continues to define and defy fashion - the ultimate 'fast wear' -  it  still  says more about the individuality of the  wearer than any other garment even though it  can be reproduced in the thousands.
We've had an exceptional  number of stylish visitors over the long New Year weekend -  
Thank you to all for letting me take your picture.
The photos are in  order of entrance and in case you are wondering -
the centrepiece of the Harvard T is a protein molecule - 
which was  the big thing  back in 2003.