Monday, December 21

away from it all

a christmas e-card i rcvd today....

Friday, December 18

sling thing

A few days ago we had one of those typical Outpost days - which reminds me of why I opened a boutique  in such a remote location in the first place. One does wonder at times..... A young gent entered in urgent need of a baby sling. "I'll make you one, you know like African women wear  " i replied ever the resourceful designer...." can you bring in the baby ?"  I asked as I was unsure of sling sizing.... so Mum and baby came in, I brought out different cloths  and we found this one - which was perfect. The muted  muddy colours were what the client liked, and I felt confident the tight weave would make the sling sturdy. Also on the plus side it was tubular, one of those Javanese  men worker sarongs - so not needing any seaming.

We discussed the appropriate width and I cut it with my pinking shears on the shop floor. Lastly, I knotted one end of it so that the sling would be the right length when worn.
At which point I couldn't resist hand stitching one of our labels inside....