Thursday, January 31

Stacey & Shaila

these two friends came into the store over the weekend.
they are both into the cotton shift with a necklace story.
different colours, different shapes - beautiful friends.

Tuesday, January 29

homeboy-kaikohe style

nga puhi festival was on in kaikohe over the
an imported hip-hop style gets some local flava.

'no bull'

Umawera rodeo day involves hanging on
to a bucking bull.
Its a family event with plenty else to do and see.
Photos by Helena Sustrova.

Saturday, January 26

the truth about the colour black

the reason I have never subscribed to the 'wear black
and you'll look cool for sure ' philosophy
is that it is a colour only some can wear and carry off.
like a second skin.
Deane Lucas and his dog Humphry are naturals -
it doesn't look like they are making a statement or
wearing a uniform.
black is their colour. it works for them.

it's official

its been a pretty amazing week since last Saturday when this review on Outpost Hokianga came out in the London Financial Times style and shopping section.

for starters i've always loved their pink paper stock - its' so distinctive.
(if you think about it, it's strange we don't find other colours at the news stand)

Still, there is only one LFT and it has been a total buzz
sensation mixed with a good dose of overwhelm-ment ( i know its not a word but you know what i mean)
and it has to be said it's also feeling like a good kick in the behind with the aforementioned proverbial gumboot.

time to get my skates on - even if it is so nice to work barefoot.

Sunday, January 20

katy pie and the kowhai

katy pie breezed into the store on a hot day wearing this rocket print cotton shift and
sporting this 70's kiwi classic - the hand tooled leather bag.

katy is completing her studies as an environmental scientist - proving that you can help to save the planet and be tres elegant whilst doing it.

lone ranger

strange things can happen out here - which is why keeping an eye on the back door
is never a bad thing.
Thank you Johnny !

Friday, January 18

park up : we've been bombed

The story is that the side of the Outpost was blessed the other night with a grafitti bomb
( details of which you can see here - and the only bombing we condone)
Heidi gracefully accepted to model this very orange parker - and these very red glasses.
Work in progress - like the wall behind her.

If you think this orange is no fashion matter - then do something about it at

Wednesday, January 16

tattoo you

three girls came into the store - two had worked on this tattoo -
etched in emerald and pacific but also like a minimal-deco-geometric.
I asked them to style these silver bracelets we currently have in store -
a combination of elemental shapes , but really lite.

Tuesday, January 15

a smile is the best style

i love the silk thread and mini gold cowboy boot necklace, below
and, top, is Leila who is totally in love with her new rainbow dress.

mid riff

above is an oversize boys short and cotton belt and below is the wonder wahine belt which I love - worn over silk thai fisherman pants in multi colour tie dyed up in the weka wekas. it helps if you're sporting a fairly flat puku.

Sunday, January 6

giant head weta

spotted on the flax out front

a tee, short and sunnies

this is one of the relax-ez vous summer styles i love roman sandalettes - sexy and authentic
macramay-be manages to work in a simple shape
chargo shorts and a tee with a scarf are easy to live in
and the oversize sunnies in jade ? they work with the straight blonde & the tan.

reel random artists

as the name implies the opening day of 'reel random' (moving image installation works)
was a totally unexpected quality mix of people.
Thank you to all of you that turned up.
'Danger' artist/filmmaker Alexa Wilson ( top) and event curator and 'Mercury Lane Kitchen' artist Ramona Cording (below).

Friday, January 4

really.... random

SH12 waimamaku

a liddl slip of a thing

the Outpost summer slip dress is a perfect fit.
here in ghana cotton blue.

summer style

some of our cool customers in store
top: designer Lucy Mae Be and her gorgeous babee
on their way up north
bottom : Katy's back against artist Phillipa Blair's
'Upside Down Heart Book'
(which is for sale by the way - if you have a spare ten grand- worth every cent)