Tuesday, November 25

Karen R. & R.

The after show afternoon party back home.
The tequila sunrise living room took on a new
meaning with Karen's purple poly, pucci-esque
combo. It was a $ 5 find at the Kaitaia op-shop.
Mint condition - Ozzie design.

foya collective - Massey Graduate Show

I was really privileged to see the results of
four hard years punctuated by that killer
final semester stomping down the catwalk.
A bumper crop for design talent this year at Massey.
Shown here in order from top :
Gabrielle Futter - 36.24.38 &
Harriet Sharpe - Fiband and Nemhain

Monday, November 24

new in from Niue

My mother just got back from a week in Niue.
Outside the old school buildings in Hakupa village,
on the south side of the island. The wee hut is where
lunch is being prepared - no longer dug into the ground-
the food is cooked in a tin with coral rock and bricks.
Large leaves are then placed over the food.
Click on the image to savour the island pace.

Thursday, November 20

As Time Goes By

Photos of last weekends' amazing fashion & art graduate
shows will be posted as soon as the download cable is located.
In the meantime we now have government agencies, family
& friends tracking the latest Time Style & Design issue.
Its somewhere out there. We suspect the cover is as above.
The Fed Ex parcel sent from Time HQ NYC has not yet made
it to Rawene.
The last time something arrived from Fed Ex, someone had
scribbled directions for the driver on the outside of the parcel:
" Drive to Whangarei and keep going north ".
It may be that this particular Fed Ex truck did keep on going
and has either turned left into the Tasman Sea or right into
the Pacific Ocean.
Or maybe the truck got stuck in the mangroves and mud and
the driver just gave up.
If you can get your hands on a copy please pretty please
post it to:
Outpost Hokianga - 5 Parnell Street - Rawene - 0443 -
Hokianga Harbour - Northland - New Zealand.
Our posties wear gumboots so don't worry - they'll be safe.
Put your return address on the envelope and we will send you
something amazing.

Thursday, November 13

flying around

Nothing better than to be boarding queues and all -
( especially after
the inevitable unexpected departure delay)

I just love the way this guy wears his backpack kete on top of a nylon
canvas sports jacket.

And this other guy with his laptop / camo / trousers tucked in & the genius touch - mud!

Truly effortless style - totally unselfconcious.

Saturday, November 8

currencies of life 1, 2 & 3

I flew back from Samoa on the 15th of September.
Since then both the property market and the share market
have lost their value. Money is still worth alot but it is also
worth nothing. People with money are buying something
they think will hold value and people without money are
selling to pay for money they didn't have in the first place.

These seed necklaces are endemic to Samoa, they aren't used
as currency but they have value. The value isn't a monetary
one, its cultural. I like the fact that you can wear a currency
and also that it comes directly from plants.

Is there any point in wearing more than one necklace at a
If you plant the tree and look after it you can have an endless
supply of currency and everyone can wear it. Does cultural
currency value diminish if there is a regular supply ?

Wednesday, November 5


An image I'm enchanted with right now which I am
going to use for our advertising this summer.
Its from a walk I took in the Waipoua Forest - this is
the image of what it felt like.
click on the image.

Tuesday, November 4

Tick Tock Tiki

It has been ticking Tiki for some time now
some here may even claim to be tiki'd out...but look -

This beauty flew in today.
By Bay of Islands artist Lester Hall.
I'm working on this great new arts and culture magloid
STINGRAY - first issue due out and about at the end of the month.
Nothing like finding out about what's going on around you...

Monday, November 3


Word has it that the Outpost has been featured
in Time Magazine. Last week? This week?
With so many time zones and editions its hard to track
the exact when and where in the world.
If you have the time - stop! and drop us a line -
would love to hear from you :)

Saturday, November 1

wonder wahine

Our wonder wahine belts are now also stocked at Te Papa
Tongarewa - the National Museum store in Wellington.

Made to order by master craftsman Patrick James
exclusively for the Outpost -
these are, for me, the ultimate waist clincher.

I've designed them with adjustable snap fastenings at the
back - because then you can wear them empire, waist wise or

My favourite one is the koru motif in oxblood - I'm wearing it as I type!