Thursday, June 25

flora hauora

These were published in urbis magazine at
least two years ago. It was one of my favourite

I had the idea that I wanted to do flower arrangement
story that only utilised native flora. I had this leafy green
and stark white vision in my head but actually when I
met up with Katie Lockhart - the stylist - all I said was
that it had to be a still life story featuring native flora.
I knew that Katie would come up with something beautiful.
Katie worked with Derek Henderson - the photographer-
to create these pictures. Katie took the idea further
and found native plants that have medicinal properties.
Derek kept it simple and played with light and shadow in
a very subtle way.
Looking at it again today I am struck by how
crisp and
it is and I feel an interesting aesthetic quality
was uncovered.

Monday, June 22

groovy movie

Feature movie The Strength of Water filmed in the Hokianga a couple of years
ago has
travelled the international film festival circuit and is finally about
to be
shown to audiences here in New Zealand.

Wednesday, June 17

Trend Tracker

Trend Tracker Anastasia Potter checks into
the Outpost

Tuesday, June 16

the wolf in athens

Just in from Athens - the work of Canadian artist
Stephen Shearer. Arch. Michael Wolf popped down from
Milan to work with the artist and get this art-billboard up
in 40 degree days. No work could be done between 11 and

Sunday, June 14

hair hat

sometimes your hair is your hat and sometimes your
hat hides your hair.

Friday, June 12

henderson home

This house is one of the original old homesteads in Henderson,
once surrounded
by orchards it is now engulfed by suburban
sprawl. The garden defends it admirably and keeps the traffic
din at arms length.
The proprietor, inspired by a book depictingCezanne's home in
the South of France, matched the colours. Being here reminded me
of certain country homes in Italy, there was something faintly
Oriental too. It is so difficult to create a space that feels like
somewhere else without the final effect being kitsch. Staying in
this Henderson home felt like finding an oasis.

I urge you to click on the images and quench your thirst.

Monday, June 8

drumming it up

Another Drum Kit, another space. Julian Dashper's
recent show opening in Paris.

Thursday, June 4

alice's archives

Somebody commented the other day that photographs
we had done seven years ago for the CASE/NZ issue had
'real richness and depth'. I was struck ( and moved ) by how
in these image saturated times, and where seven years
could seem as long ago as seventy - that one would still
remember them.

I visited Alice Fiorilli's site ( the photographer )
found these other gems which never made it into the
These were shot in Koke, that first week that Alice arrived
from Italy.
She denied suffering jetlag at the time but I felt it best for
her to soak in the immediate surroundings, before we hit
the road.