Monday, June 30

still life - warm

someone described yesterday's stormy weather
as wild and woolly. these are hibiscus and lemons
i picked in my garden just over a month ago when
it was more like mild and silky.

Sunday, June 22

planet pacific

I look at people wearing clothes and often
am underwhelmed simply because I have always
imagined 21st century dressing to have a visible
touch of a surreal. The reality of future is often so
Not the case with this lady attending Ascot.
there is even a hibiscus tucked in there.

Thursday, June 19

natural mechanical

I've not yet met the man. Although we stock his
Cloud Books. I did see him once stroll by downtown
dressed as a tent in the desert tank camo fabric.
Topped by a Fedora. The mystery man.
I knew it was him because he was wearing the
outfit on the cover of an art mag.
With a cappuccino
on the table. He wasn't drinking it.

Monday, June 16

waka boy

This is one of my favourite images from the
new Hokianga Tourism brochure.
We're about to go to print. It's pretty exciting.
Mixing design with tourism.
I hope we've managed to do it in a subtle way.
Fantastic support from photographers.
You'll let us know if you pick one up.

Wednesday, June 11

for online folk

Let your hair down and kick up your heels
on 27th June as NZ's first online community
for women in folk Noblewoman throws its launch party
at the Dogs Bollix.
Pictured Feak fiddler Louise Evans.

Monday, June 9

home made

I left the Hokianga a week ago and have plunged myself
back into the urban world. These images from a photo series
taken by Rosa May Rutherford are a document of an era
and a way of life but they are also about a place where there is plenty of space
just be.

Saturday, June 7

home less

I don't know why I love this photo so much.
I was told off by a woman whilst I was taking it.
She was probably right - aesthetics shouldn't
over ride moral considerations. Obviously this
person doesn't know they've been photographed.
What's private in a public space ?