Tuesday, August 18

a society of leisure

Some time ago - I went to the Auckland City Art Gallery to view
the Yinka Shonibare show. I had Gina in tow and asked at reception
if I could bring her in with me - should I have left her in the car?
The answer was an obvious no.
Upon entering the room with the lady walking her pet jaguars
the concept of a society of elegant leisure which
includes elegant pets on a leash is evidently an
historical one.
Admittedly Gina is a Huntaway and not a leopard and her collar
is in neoprene and nylon and not encrusted with diamonds.

Sunday, August 16


Thursday, August 13

travel van

The touring season is about to start - i always enjoy checking out the
drivers of these arty vans. Like did they just rent the available one or did
they choose the one with their favourite image?
It takes matching your wheels
to your look to a whole new level....

Tuesday, August 11

bike like

You know the guy is into his motorcycle when the riding outfit matches the bike.

Wednesday, August 5

something getting on your goat

can't always be that bad......and what about
when it gets on all your goats?