Monday, June 14

T nation

                     The last cool T to walk  into the Outpost  before we closed for winter.

Sunday, June 13

design for tourism

                                I was back down at Motuti Marae last week - for a doco being made
                                for TV. Paula Bennett,  the  Hon Minister for Social Development,
                                turned up to see  how things were going and her first question to me
                                was Milan to Motuti?? But how do you explain the glamour of setting
                                up a design studio in a  marae ??  Its the sort of inspiration one is hard
                                pressed to find in a Milan bookstore......

very vintage

                                              This truck  has been in the same family for three generations.
                                              It was out on a Sunday morning run - down from Kaitaia to Kohukohu.

divine design

                                             Motukaraka Chapel Centenary Celebration Altar Cloth.
                                             The design process for this Altar Cloth was democratic -
                                             I attended various meetings at Motukaraka Marae  and
                                             we discussed what the design should be. I was taught
                                             the meanings of the different kowhawhai patterns. We had
                                             a couple of altar fittings - this was important as I wanted the
                                             cloth to be complementary to the church interior and also for the
                                             design to be uplifting. I warned  everyone that I'd be adding some bling.
                                             I am happy with the result  - the cloth tells the story of Motukaraka Chapel
                                             but, at the same time, it wouldn't look out of place in a small chapel on a 
                                             Greek island. It tells a story of humble devotion and shares the joy of
                                            spiritual life.

Thursday, May 13

weaving wananga

                                 Some women came to harvest flax outside
                                 my window  one afternoon. They invited me
                      to visit their  weaving wananga. It doesn't get
                     much more 'sustainable' than weaving your own
                     baskets for home - and eventually putting them 
                     back out on the compost.

Tuesday, May 11

Still Life in Waima II

                                         Bungalow Porch

Still Life in Waima

                                I got lost in Waima valley a few weeks ago - 
                      and ended up at this amazing homestead.
                      The  owner was  gracious and  showed me round.
                      It was as if I'd stepped back in time or onto a 
                     Wim Wenders film set. Immaculate.

Wednesday, March 24

motuti crew

This is where I led  a design for tourism workshop recently - Motuti Marae. We're starting with tourism product 101 - the tee- shirt !
Really talented crew - naturally will keep you posted.


Monday, March 22

tapa modern

                                  The eternal Outpost  slip dress - made in a vintage tapa print cloth embellished with sixties gold trim -  i like the way it works with the detail in this painting - which is one of my favourites from  Barbara Strathdee's Riffs   and Transitions series.

Saturday, March 20

teddy and pink princess

     this teddy shot was  styled and taken by this  perfect pink princess

Thursday, March 18

nga puhi pride

It was a very quick dash in the late afternoon at the Nga Puhi festival in Kaikohe.

Tuesday, March 16

I watchin' U

                                   detail from exterior of Waitangi marae

Sunday, March 14

marae et maison

For those of you who have not yet been to the Waitangi Treaty grounds -  these are two buildings that  sit  sort of next to each other.

Friday, March 12

hat and smile

Wednesday, March 10

front and back


Monday, March 8

waitangi warriors

   We were on the beach when the waka came in
  and stayed to enjoy the haka.