Thursday, May 13

weaving wananga

                                 Some women came to harvest flax outside
                                 my window  one afternoon. They invited me
                      to visit their  weaving wananga. It doesn't get
                     much more 'sustainable' than weaving your own
                     baskets for home - and eventually putting them 
                     back out on the compost.

Tuesday, May 11

Still Life in Waima II

                                         Bungalow Porch

Still Life in Waima

                                I got lost in Waima valley a few weeks ago - 
                      and ended up at this amazing homestead.
                      The  owner was  gracious and  showed me round.
                      It was as if I'd stepped back in time or onto a 
                     Wim Wenders film set. Immaculate.