Friday, October 31

Trick or Treat ?

You decide!

From Eros & Design featured in I Piaceri Della Vita
Style : Lise Strathdee Photo : Toni Thorimbert


Thursday, October 30

Our Daily Commute

In its essence I've always had time for the commute;
I love the daily transition from life to another.
Flying out of London and over the
Alps every week
was beautiful but by 2005 my lifelong love affair with
with airports was over.
Now I catch a ferry, crossing the Hokianga Harbour
every morning
and hopping off in downtown Rawene.

Last summer, someone undid the ferry moorings

over night. Luckily the tide was incoming and the
ferry drifted upstream instead of out into the wild
Tasman sea. That next morning, there she was
lodged amongst the mangroves looking like a scene
out of Fitzcarraldo. Enterprising locals offered to
get us across and the harbour was
alive with boats
whizzing across it like mosquitoes.

These two gentlemen were on last nights' ferry :
Elegant due south on his way to a ball and
Mr Casual due north on his way back home.