Friday, November 30

still life n.1

an aerial view of what's in our window -
black & white and a kauri gum bom bom by Ewan Morris, Hokianga
evening kete by Kate Harbutt, Hokianga
picnic cutlery by Pandora, Milan
koru glass dish by Julie Collis
dishtowel by Ingrid Anderson
ylang ylang soap and body lotion from Marseilles
melamine plate and tumbler from Thailand
fresh flowers from my garden

Friday, November 23


if it were a tele-possiblity
this is the bathroom cabinet i want right NOW!
by that quasi genius of a Marcus Benesch. and
then i'd want to enter into the jelly bean room
to do my home work.
that's just the sort of week its been round here.

Wednesday, November 21

tattoo two

These are the legs of a guy who was erecting scaffolding at the
Rawene town hall. He came in for a browse and a chat at the Outpost. It was only as he was leaving that I caught sight of his
tats. I really like the low key positioning and the styling with
the socks and boots.

Saturday, November 17

keep on truckin'

this is our summer campaign - however on
the territory it won't be expressed with billboards
but by another manner which we will document on
this blog.
the story of the kohukohu truck is an event -
an unintentional artwork evolving over the decades,
its gentle decline was violently terminated when it was
abruptly relocated.
to the relief of half the village which had thought of it as
an eyesore and symbol of nothing ever changing and to
the horror of the other half of the village which had relegated
it to iconic status.
an evening wake was held in its honour with candles and speeches
and an impromptu cocktail party.
the passing of its era was noted in the arts page of the local
monument to beauty ? metaphor of time ?
or just a heap of rusty metal ? one thing is for sure :
" things are more like they are now than they ever were


this is a rendition of maude from motuti marae.