Sunday, June 13

divine design

                                             Motukaraka Chapel Centenary Celebration Altar Cloth.
                                             The design process for this Altar Cloth was democratic -
                                             I attended various meetings at Motukaraka Marae  and
                                             we discussed what the design should be. I was taught
                                             the meanings of the different kowhawhai patterns. We had
                                             a couple of altar fittings - this was important as I wanted the
                                             cloth to be complementary to the church interior and also for the
                                             design to be uplifting. I warned  everyone that I'd be adding some bling.
                                             I am happy with the result  - the cloth tells the story of Motukaraka Chapel
                                             but, at the same time, it wouldn't look out of place in a small chapel on a 
                                             Greek island. It tells a story of humble devotion and shares the joy of
                                            spiritual life.